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last updated: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 09:27:16 GMT

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 12:53:10 GMT Mandatory electronic prescriptions was the easy bit in NHS paperless plans

Digitisation across primary and secondary providers is the bigger challenge

Analysis Plans for a "fully paperless" National Health Service have been announced and re-announced countless times – most recently they promised we'd be paper-free "within the decade".

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 12:20:08 GMT Steve Bannon-backed flick attempts to expose evil lurking at heart of Huawei *cough* Huaxing

Ex-Trump advisor goes through the looking glass, round the corner and down the drainpipe

Steve Bannon – former Trump adviser and long-term rattler of sabres against China – has produced a piece of propaganda thinly disguised look at recent events at America's favourite bogeyman, Huawei.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 11:45:10 GMT Infosys shares dive 15% as regulators investigate false accounting claims

Whistleblowers claim to have email and audio evidence

Infosys shares dropped almost 15 per cent on the Bombay Stock Exchange yesterday on news that regulators are investigating serious allegations of false accounting at the organisation.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 11:16:17 GMT UK tech freelancer numbers down for first time in 5 years since IR35 tax reforms hit public sector

Could drop further, depending on how zealously it's enforced

After a boom in IT contractors over the last decade, the number of freelance techies working in the UK dropped last year in the wake of public sector off-payroll working reforms.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 10:31:37 GMT Power to the users? Admins be warned: Microsoft set to introduce 'self-service purchase' in Office 365

Users will be able to buy own licences and administrators cannot prevent it

Microsoft will allow "self-service purchase and license management capabilities" for Office 365 users, initially for its Power Platform low-code services, PowerApps, PowerBI and Flow.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 09:46:34 GMT Two astronauts conduct a successful spacewalk, world+dog lose minds

Also: ESA hopes for parachute joy, NASA veteran is put out to orbital pasture

Roundup Last week the International Space Station celebrated its first all-woman spacewalk, ESA politely asked NASA for some help with parachutes and boffins said "goodnight, sweet prince" to the last Van Allen Probe.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 09:00:10 GMT HP CEO: Help us save the world one tree at a time... by printing stuff (with our kit, of course)

Bossman helps the poor saps who can't see the wood for the trees

Canalys Channels Forum The reputation printing has built over the decades is all wrong. It is actually good for the natural world – just ask the boss of HP, the planet's largest maker of print products.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 08:15:05 GMT Just say the 'magic password': Boffins turn up potential backdoor in SQL Server 2012, 2014

Admin rights needed to fire up the malware and – hey presto!

Security researchers at ESET have published details of a backdoor into Microsoft's SQL Server via hooks and the splendidly named "magic passwords".…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 06:54:13 GMT Microsoft and dance partners coordinate firmware defenses with Secure-core PCs

Windows code armors its arse

Pointing to a five-fold increase in firmware vulnerabilities over the last three years and not saying much about the growing number of Windows vulnerabilities, Microsoft on Monday said it has been working with PC-selling and silicon-making partners to ship kit that implements protection from malicious low-level device code.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 06:00:06 GMT Tune in online today: Find out how to smooth your path to a hybrid or multi-cloud environment

Join us this lunchtime with experts from Google Cloud and Trax to discuss costs, tools, and more

Webcast Whether you run your business on-premises or in the cloud, you probably wish your developers and admins could deploy and manage applications without having to learn different environments and APIs every time.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 05:04:12 GMT Yay! The ozone layer hole the smallest it's ever been seen. That's not necessarily good...

It's all thanks to this year's 'unsually wonky' polar vortex

The hole in Earth’s ozone layer is the smallest it has ever been since scientists discovered the puncture nearly 35 years ago, according to NASA.…

 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 02:15:26 GMT Just a friendly reminder there were no at-the-time classified secrets on Clinton's email server. Yes, the one everyone lost their minds over

But, but her emails!

The US State Department has delivered its report [PDF] into Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email system and, amazingly enough, there wasn't anything scandalous nor classified on it at the time.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 23:55:54 GMT Er, hi. Small Q. Where's our billion-ish dollars gone? We summarize Bitcoin exchange's subpoena requests

Show me the money. No, really, show me the actual money

iFinex, the parent company of crypto-currency exchange Bitfinex, is seeking subpoenas in its quest to recover more than $880m in missing funds.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 22:52:56 GMT ATTK of the Pwns: Trend Micro's antivirus tools 'will run malware – if its filename is cmd.exe'

Try not to save files to your Windows PC called cmd.exe or regedit.exe

Video A flaw in the Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit can be exploited by hackers to run malware on victims' Windows computers.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 21:44:15 GMT Row erupts over who to blame after NordVPN says: One of our servers was hacked via remote management tool

Netizens' traffic flowing out of box could have been sniffed by miscreants

Analysis NordVPN spent today attempting to downplay a security breach in which someone sneaked into one of its servers for purposes unknown.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 20:32:09 GMT New Teams goodies: Shared calendars? No. Private channels? No. Hold please ♩ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Quickfire Windows 10 Fast Ring release ends a busy week at Microsoft

Roundup It was a busy week in Redmond as Microsoft geared up for its November Ignite shindig – new Windows 10 builds were flung, Azure capacities increased and Teams got a fresh feature... hold music.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 19:42:05 GMT Euro data watchdog has 'serious concerns' as to whether EU deals with Microsoft obey GDPR

Dutch agreement should be extended to entire bloc, says statement

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has expressed "serious concerns" over whether the contractual terms of agreements between EU institutions and Microsoft, for use of products such as Windows and Office 365, is compliant with data protection rules.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 19:19:05 GMT The sound of silence is actually the sound of a malicious smart speaker app listening in on you

Researchers find nefarious uses for Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices

Google Home and Amazon Alexa can easily be hacked to eavesdrop on users or extract information by asking questions that appear to come from each smart speaker provider, according to researchers.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 18:54:38 GMT Avast lobs intruders into the 'Abiss': Miscreants tried to tamper with CCleaner after sneaking into network via VPN

Software used by millions not compromised this time, says biz

On Monday, security biz Avast said it believes some of its credentials were stolen and abused in an unsuccessful attempt to subvert CCleaner, a file cleanup utility that it acquired in 2017.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 17:45:13 GMT Assange fails to delay extradition hearing as date set for February

Wikileaks founder said to be frail, labours to confirm name and date of birth

An emotional and clean-shaven Julian Assange has appeared in court to request more time and resources to prepare his defence against extradition to from the UK to the US on espionage charges.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 17:00:06 GMT SAP and Microsoft pucker up, prepare for public cloud love under Project Embrace

New three-year agreement to pull S/4HANA customers into Azure

SAP and Microsoft have linked arms as part of SAP's "Project Embrace", a collaboration with Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform aimed at migrating the German firm's customers to the public cloud.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 16:01:09 GMT No one would be so scummy as to scam a charity, right? UK orgs find out the hard way

Research blames 'culture of trust' for weak fraud protections

UK charities are misjudging the risks of fraud, according to research from the Charity Commission and the Fraud Advisory Panel.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 15:00:06 GMT Rocket Lab plans to send small satellites to the Moon with Photon

Only really, really little astronauts need apply

With launchpads in New Zealand and (soon) the US, small-sat flinger Rocket Lab toasted a ninth successful launch of its Electron rocket by taking aim at destinations beyond Low Earth Orbit.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 14:15:13 GMT Ow-wei, says Huawei as Chinese giant admits US sanctions smacked it right in the phone biz

Missing Google already?

Huawei has admitted that US sanctions are hurting its mobile phone business as it struggles to find alternatives to Google's software suite.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 13:30:05 GMT We read the Brexit copyright notices so you don't have to… No more IP freely, ta very much

Buried on Friday PM, just before pub o'clock

Among the daily two-dozen or so government updates on Brexit progress slipped in as everyone went to the pub on Friday were a bunch considering the impact on copyright and intellectual property.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 12:45:12 GMT Trend Micro would like you to fall in line and become a victim of Cloud Conformity

Security biz to slurp Aussie compliance outfit

Infosec giant Trend Micro is buying Australian compliance biz Cloud Conformity for $70m to help customers check the configuration of their fluffy white services – one of the major causes of cloud security breaches.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 12:04:05 GMT If there were almost a million computer misuse crimes last year, Action Fraud is only passing 2% of cases to cops

You know my stats don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's wrong

Action Fraud (AF) is referring fewer computer misuse cases to police investigators despite official statistics showing nearly a million offences were reported last year.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 11:03:14 GMT Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket

Mats Järlström's fight shows you never cross an engineer

Exclusive A Swedish engineer's umbrage at a traffic ticket has led to a six-year legal fight and now a global change in the speed with which traffic light signals are timed.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 10:06:09 GMT Iran? More like Ivan: Brit and US spies say they can see through Turla hacking group's facade

Russian-backed cell's Middle East campaign pretended to be of a Persian persuasion

British and US spies have blamed Russian hacker group Turla for masquerading as Iranian hackers to launch recent attacks mostly on government systems in the Middle East.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 09:06:09 GMT Samsung on fridge cert error: Someone tried to view 'unsavoury content' in middle of John Lewis

At least it'll wipe clean

Readers anxious for an update on the health of the wobbly Samsung smart fridge currently squatting in UK retailer John Lewis's Oxford Street store will be interested to learn that a culprit has been fingered.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 08:01:12 GMT Google ads from the po-po can prevent vengeful gamer nerds going full script kiddie – research

'At the exact moment you get curious about getting involved in cybercrime, you get a little tap on the shoulder'

What's the best way to stop young gamers slipping into a life of cybercrime? Google ads from the cops, apparently.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 07:02:09 GMT Don't look too closely at what is seeping out of the big Dutch pipe

'I wonder what our users are surfing for… Oh'

Who, Me? Welcome to Who, Me?, The Register's weekly confessional of sins, smut and surfing from the seemingly infinite pool of reader misdeeds.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 06:30:13 GMT Don't fall for the hype around OpenAI's Rubik's Cube playing robot, Berkeley bans facial recognition, and more

All in a week's work

Roundup Just in case you're addicted to the world of AI, here's more news beyond what we have already covered this week.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 06:00:07 GMT Silos of paper scans, photos, forms, and other unstructured data blight today's corps. How are you tearing them down?

Help us understand your day-to-day challenges and triumphs with this reader poll

Survey So much of the misery inflicted on customers by financial institutions is caused by disjointed systems and clumsy hand-offs between departments.…

 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 05:04:05 GMT Malware hides as iOS jailbreak, Sucuri is insecuri, and China is about to get even worse

Plus, new allegations in Iran and American hacking war

Roundup Here's your Register security roundup to kick off your week.…

 Sat, 19 Oct 2019 14:02:04 GMT Guess what's on the receiving end of more NASA dollars for SLS?

Hint: It rhymes with 'throwing' as lawmakers baulk at lobbing an unknown amount of cash into the 2024 lunar bonfire

NASA brought a smile to faces of Boeing shareholders this week with the announcement that it would be ordering 10 Space Launch System (SLS) core stages from the US aviation giant for Artemis rocket launches to the Moon. Although paying for the things could be tricky.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 22:28:03 GMT Deus ex hackina: It took just 10 minutes to find data-divulging demons corrupting Pope's Click to Pray eRosary app

Vatican coders exorcise API gremlins but, we must confess, they missed one little monster....

Exclusive The technology behind the Catholic Church’s latest innovation, an electronic rosary, is so insecure, it can be trivially hacked to siphon off worshipers' personal information.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 20:39:19 GMT Guess who's dreaming of facial-recog body cams now? US border cops: AI tech sought to scrutinize travelers

Always-on, always-recording, always-analyzing gear mulled

America's border cops are considering adding facial-recognition technology to body cameras worn by agents.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 19:58:19 GMT Good guy, Microsoft: Multi-factor auth outage gives cloudy Office, Azure users a surprise three-day weekend

Redmond's sign-on system is so secure, nobody can get in

Updated Microsoft is battling to fix its knackered multi-factor authentication system that today blocked customers from logging into their Microsoft 365 and Azure services.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 19:01:34 GMT Mark Hurd is dead

Oracle co-CEO, and ex-HP boss, dies aged 62 after stepping aside for health reasons

Obit Long-time Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd died this morning. He was 62.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 18:00:12 GMT Pack your pyjamas, Zuck: US bill threatens execs with prison for data failures

Senator Ron Wyden's on the warpath with 'Mind Your Own Business Act'

A proposed law bill in the US aims to give regulators genuine powers to go after companies that fail to protect citizens' privacy up to and including jailing bosses.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 17:00:12 GMT What's the scoop with Mars InSight's mired mole? It's digging again, thanks to trowel trickery

Heat probe tentatively resumes journey 5m into the red planet

There was good news for Martian miners this week as NASA's stuck mole began making progress into the red planet's soil once more.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 16:15:10 GMT All we need is just a little patients: Google's Alphabet hires new chief health officer

Third new senior health role in 4 months. Cough and say arrrrgh

Google's parent firm made its third big health hire in four months yesterday in the form of Karen DeSalvo, a one-time Barack Obama administration official.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 15:26:15 GMT Google lashes out at DoJ, Oracle as it asks US Supremes to sniff Java suit one last time

It's like reinventing the steering wheel... so they say

Google has hit back at US president Donald Trump in the never-ending legal spat over its use of Oracle's Java code in the Android mobile operating system, urging the US Supreme Court to judicially review an appeal court's 2016 ruling against it.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 14:46:09 GMT Like Visual Studio Code and your data lives in SQL Server? Microsoft has something for you

SQL Object Explorer, SQLCMD and more IntelliCode arrive for VS Code

Microsoft's determination to foist on the world ever more ways of connecting to SQL Server has continued unabated with a major update of the mssql extension for the ubiquitous Visual Studio Code.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 13:39:06 GMT Yahoo! Groups' closure and a tale of Oftel: Die-hard users 'informally' included telcos

Ofcom: Ahem. Just check our website

The tossing away of user-generated content on Yahoo!'s long-running Groups site on Wednesday was not just bad news for all the hardcore users who are about to lose all their precious things stored there. Many were quick to point at telcos, who were using Yahoo! Groups to manage phone number assignments.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 13:00:10 GMT Soup up your serverless smarts with our practical hands-on workshops: Sign up now and we'll see you next month

Serverless Computing London takes you deep into Lambda, Azure, and more

Event If you’re looking for a thorough grounding in serverless computing, or just want to kick your existing experiments into a higher gear, why not join our workshop day at Serverless Computing London next month.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 11:57:13 GMT Junior minister says gov.UK considering facial recognition to verify age of p0rn-watchers

Yes, you read that right. Plus they spent £2.2m on failed AV policy

The UK government could use facial recognition to verify the age of Brits online "so long as there is an appropriate concern for privacy," junior minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Matt Warman said.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 11:23:13 GMT How does £36m sound, mon CHERI? pumps cash into Arm security research

That's 'Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions'

University of Cambridge researchers and UK industry bods have been tossed £36m from the UK government to support their work with Arm to strengthen security by improving memory protection.…

 Fri, 18 Oct 2019 10:48:12 GMT Orange you happy to be a customer? Spammy sextortion malware only targeted French ISP

Briefly had screen recording feature too

Sextortion is bad. Malware is bad. Spam is bad. Unhappily for a French ISP's users, online crooks combined all three in a hideous attempt to extort cash with custom malware that records their on-screen doings, according to infosec researchers.…

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last updated: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 09:27:22 GMT

 Mon, 24 Jun 2019 06:00:00 EDT Codete to Exhibit at @CloudEXPO | @CodeteGmbH @KPrzystalski #Cloud #FinTech #AI #Blockchain #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelliegence
Codete accelerates their clients growth through technological expertise and experience. Codite team works with organizations to meet the challenges that digitalization presents. Their clients include digital start-ups as well as established enterprises in the IT industry. To stay competitive in a highly innovative IT industry, strong R&D departments and bold spin-off initiatives is a must. Codete Data Science and Software Architects teams help corporate clients to stay up to date with the modern business digitalization solutions. Achieve up to 50% early-stage technological process development cost cutdown with science and R&D-driven investment strategy with Codete's support.

read more

 Sun, 16 Jun 2019 23:00:00 EDT Are You Ready for GDPR? | @CloudEXPO @CalligoCloud #HybridCloud #CIO #GDPR #Serverless #DataCenter #Compliance
In his general session at 21st Cloud Expo, Greg Dumas, Calligo’s Vice President and G.M. of US operations, discussed the new Global Data Protection Regulation and how Calligo can help business stay compliant in digitally globalized world. Greg Dumas is Calligo's Vice President and G.M. of US operations. Calligo is an established service provider that provides an innovative platform for trusted cloud solutions. Calligo’s customers are typically most concerned about GDPR compliance, application performance guarantees & data privacy.

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 Sat, 08 Jun 2019 14:00:00 EDT CloudBlue | Ingram Micro to Exhibit at @CloudEXPO | @IngramMicroInc #HybridCloud #HybridIT #AI #AIOps #SaaS #PaaS #DigitalTransformation
After years of investments and acquisitions, CloudBlue was created with the goal of building the world's only hyperscale digital platform with an increasingly infinite ecosystem and proven go-to-market services. The result? An unmatched platform that helps customers streamline cloud operations, save time and money, and revolutionize their businesses overnight. Today, the platform operates in more than 45 countries and powers more than 200 of the world's largest cloud marketplaces, managing more than 27 million enterprise cloud subscriptions valued at more than $1 billion in revenue.

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 Fri, 07 Jun 2019 12:00:00 EDT Trend Micro to Exhibit at @CloudEXPO | #Cloud #CIO #AI #SaaS #IoT #IIoT #RTC #AIOps #Telecom #Security #Infosec #DigitalTransformation
Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, helps to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Our innovative solutions for consumers, businesses, and governments provide layered security for data centers, cloud workloads, networks, and endpoints. All our products work together to seamlessly share threat intelligence and provide a connected threat defense with centralized visibility and investigation, enabling better, faster protection. With more than 6,000 employees in 50 countries and the world’s most advanced global threat research and intelligence, Trend Micro enables organizations to secure their connected world. For more information, visit

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 Thu, 06 Jun 2019 20:30:00 EDT How to Sponsor @DevOpsSUMMIT | #CloudNative #Serverless #DevOps #APM #DataCenter #Monitoring #Kubernetes
Cloud-Native thinking and Serverless Computing are now the norm in financial services, manufacturing, telco, healthcare, transportation, energy, media, entertainment, retail and other consumer industries, as well as the public sector. The widespread success of cloud computing is driving the DevOps revolution in enterprise IT. Now as never before, development teams must communicate and collaborate in a dynamic, 24/7/365 environment. There is no time to wait for long development cycles that produce software that is obsolete at launch. DevOps may be disruptive, but it is essential. DevOpsSUMMIT at CloudEXPO expands the DevOps community, enable a wide sharing of knowledge, and educate delegates and technology providers alike.

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