Product Spotlight

Document! X *New! Version 5*

Documentation made easy
Document! X shortcuts the process of creating and maintaining documentation and context sensitive on-line help for .Net Assemblies, Visual Basic/VBA/Visual Basic.NET source code, COM components, type libraries, databases and XSD Schemas. Document! X produces a comprehensive and accurate professional quality documentation set for your components, applications and databases - automatically. Used by leading component vendors including Infragistics, Janus, Data Dynamics, Dundas and telerik to produce their commercial technical documentation.

HelpStudio 2 *New! Version 2*

Help Authoring made easy
HelpStudio is the fastest, easiest way to create and publish help systems and integrate them with your desktop or web based applications or components, including .NET. Generate help output in cross-platform plain HTML, HTML Help, Help 2.0 or printable PDF. HelpStudio seamlessly combines a feature packed WYSIWYG authoring environment with HTML based layout templates to make it simple to create consistent, professional looking help systems with the minimum of effort.

DockStudioXP *New! Version 2*

The ultimate in docking windows and toolbars
DockStudioXP 2 provides you with the ability to deliver Office XP/2003 toolbars and dockable windows. Docked, Floating, Collapsed and Tab-Docked docking window styles. In-built Theme support, MDI and Visual Studio.NET style Tabbed-MDI document management.

PopupAlert 2

Messenger / Office 2003 Style alert windows
PopupAlert Objects allow you to display popup alerts similar to those used in Microsoft® Windows Messenger and Office 2003, using a variety of different styles. Full control over background style, background image, logo, colors, mouse cursor and timeouts.


Other Products

vbCodeShield - Runtime error protection and debug toolset
vbCodeShield automatically adds robust and comprehensive error handling, error reporting and debug functionality to your Visual Basic application, component or control - at build time

SmartTasks - Information management for development professionals
Innovasys SmartTasks is an information manager designed for developers and development managers allowing you to create, link and organize tasks, contacts and notes in a user friendly and productive environment.

PropertiesList - Data input made easy
The Innovasys PropertiesList control provides an efficient, intuitive and visually compact way to handle data input with minimal coding

ExplorerBar - Windows XP Taskbar functionality
ExplorerBar is based on the Windows XP Taskbar control, a visually attractive and versatile way to present grouped lists of options

ComboPlus - The powerful extended ComboBox
Innovasys ComboPlus is an extended replacement for the standard ComboBox control with additional features and a simplified programming model

ColorPicker - The only Color picker control you will ever need
The Innovasys Color Picker Control adds a variety of different Color picking methods and interface styles to your control toolbox

Free ActiveX Controls

The Innovasys Freeware Controls are a small set of controls designed to assist in adding a modern XP / Themed look and feel to your applications. Each control comes with a demonstration and a full context sensitive on-line help file. The controls are entirely free to use and to distribute with your apps.

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