ScanFixR Application v4


Technical Notes

bulletFull featured application for Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT/98
bulletEasily clean up images
bulletEasy to use interface
bulletFree full-featured trial version available for immediate download

Batch Processing

bulletEnhance up to 32,000 images in a single batch
bulletSupport high-volume scanning and service bureaus needing multiple image processing
bulletProcess multiple directories of images automatically within a single batch
bulletApply multiple sets of parameters in defined order
bulletBatches can be daisy chained for unattended processing overnight


bulletAutomatically straighten crooked images
bulletHandles up to 20% skew
bulletDeskew images in a fraction of a second
bulletUses content of the images, not just the document edge

Noise Removal

bulletRemove random specks or noise from images
bulletConfigurable user specification of speck size
bulletSpecial Isolated Despeckle algorithm prevents removal of desired dots such as punctuation

Dot Shading Removal

bulletAutomatically remove dot shading surrounding text for improved OCR accuracy
bulletRemove scanner noise caused by colored backgrounds (gray, blue, etc.)
bulletReduce files sizes caused by additional pixels, without destroying text



                 BEFORE (file size: 157k)AFTER (file size: 16k)

Blob Removal

bulletRemove large areas of specks and noise
bulletUse to eliminate larger areas of black
bulletRemove hole punches



                            BEFORE  AFTER

Line Removal

bulletAutomatically remove solid or broken lines (both horizontal and vertical) from scanned forms and documents
bulletAutomatically repair text that intersects with lines (fill broken characters), essential for forms processing

Character Completion & Smoothing

  1. Repair, smooth and thicken incomplete characters
  2. Repair broken characters
  3. Improve poor dot matrix text
    bulletSmooth ragged edges on letters
    bulletThicken or thin letters as needed




Inverse Text Correction

bulletDetect and automatically convert inverted text zones
bulletChange white-on-black text to normal black-on-white text
bulletRecognize inverse zones in any shape, including circular
bulletRemove the fill color of text
bulletReduce file sizes by eliminating unnecessary black pixels




Compression & File Formats

  1. Supports a wide variety of popular bitonal image file formats
  2. TIFF (non-tiled): Uncompressed, 1-D & 2-D Group 3, Group 4
    bulletSingle Page
    bulletMulti-Page, including those created by major forms-processing applications such as: Calera, ScanSoft, OCRON, ExperVision, Xerox
  3. PCX (bitonal only), DCX
  4. CALS Type 1 (Group 4 raster)
  5. Maximum image size: 20,000 x 20,000 pixels
  6. Any image resolution
  7. Input/Output: TIFF, CALS, PCX, or BMP

Image Registration

bulletAutomatically straighten your image
bulletAutomatically position an image (horizontally or vertically) to specific pixel distances
bulletEnhanced algorithm allows you to ignore hole punches or logos
bulletAdd margins for reprinting and binding documents
bulletEnables field and zone data to be extracted with extreme accuracy
bulletPositions the image to within 1/100 of an inch on average




Intelligent Crop

bulletAutomatically convert black borders to white
bulletRemove excess white borders
bulletReduce image file size (both physical dimensions and compressed file size)
bulletUse on microfilm or small document images that have been overscanned



                                 BEFORE (file size: 100k)         AFTER (file size: 15k)

Sub-Image Processing

bulletSeparate out an area from the original document image prior to image processing
bulletSpeeds up processing and outputs only the smaller area of interest

View and Magnify Images

bulletView example images to help configure your batches
bulletMagnify images in a variety of ways to see fine details
bulletMeasure spec and character sizes to ensure accurate settings
bulletZoom in/out at any increment (25% default, configurable)
bulletStretch box zooms on a selected portion of the image
bulletFlying magnifier works just like a magnifying glass over paper by magnifying the area directly beneath the magnifier tool

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