MedXpressT v2

bulletProgramming environments: Win32 visual development environments
bulletSample code is included to build a demonstration client/server SCU and SCP: VB.NET, C#, VB, C/C++, Delphi, MLHT
bulletCan be used in any development environment that hosts ActiveX/COM controls
bulletBased on Merge eFilm's low-level DICOM Software Development Kit
bulletRead and write DICOM files
bulletInsert any DICOM baseline format data into a DICOM file
bulletDICOM File, Message, and Items - Create, read, write, modify and delete DICOM file objects with full support for DICOM File Meta information. Create read, write, modify, and delete DICOM message and sequences of item objects. Validate file and message objects.
bulletDICOMDIR - Navigate through existing DICOMDIR files traversing a DICOM structure with minimal coding effort. Create and modify DICOMDIR structures with support for DICOM item types such as patient, study, series, and image.
bulletDICOM Association Negotiation - Open, close, and wait for associations with remote applications. Create, register, and retrieve extended negotiation information. Dynamically create, register, and release services and syntax lists at runtime.
bulletMessage Transfer - Easily send and receive DICOM messages across established DICOM associations. Support all DICOM commands and services.
bulletPixel Data - Retrieve single frame and multi-frame pixel data. Generate encapsulated value offset tables necessary for DICOM pixel data attribute. Utilize the modality and VOI steps of DICOM grayscale transformation to view images the way the radiologist intended.
bulletImage Compression - Pegasus Imaging compression libraries are widely adopted by the medical industry. Lossy JPEG and RAW are included. Includes support for 8-16 bpp grayscale images. Includes support for 1, 4, 8, 16, and 24 bpp color images. Includes streaming image support for progressive internet viewing. JPEG 2000, Lossless JPEG, and JPEG-LS compression and decompression are available as add on's.
bulletImage Viewing, Conversion, Editing - Support image capture, viewing, scanning, annotation and more (click here for a complete list of features)
bulletVideo & Image Acquisition - Interface with any video capture device that supports USB, FireWire, WDM, or native DirectShow including legacy Video For Windows devices (click here for a complete list of features)
bulletImage Acquisition from TWAIN Capture Devices (click here for a complete list of features)
bulletPrinter Interface - Add image and text printing features (click here for a complete list of features)
bulletFree full-featured trial version available for immediate download
bulletDICOM window/level support (complete grayscale pipeline support for the modality and VOI levels) included in ImagXpress
bulletAnnotation and Redaction (click here for a complete list of features)


MedXpress v2 Also Includes the Following Components:

ImagXpressT Professional v8 The Comprehensive Document Imaging Toolkit

CapturePROT v3 The Image & Video Acquisition Toolkit


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