New Features of SmartScan Xpress Barcode v4

Pegasus Imaging proudly announces SmartScan Xpress Barcode Version 4 for development of document indexing and process automation applications. Pegasus Imaging's talented team of scientists and engineers has further improved the engine for the Version 4 release. Recognition has increased by up to 50% on noisy, hard-to-read images. The .NET interface has improved, and 2D barcode recognition has improved. SmartScan Xpress Barcode v4 is the first product release to integrate superior image cleanup technologies from TMSSequoia, a company now owned by Pegasus Imaging. ImagXpress Standard is now included with the purchase of SmartScan Xpress Barcode v4.

Features Include:

Improved Barcode Recognition
Pegasus Imaging's scientists have made significant advances to improve the recognition of noisy, hard-to-read barcodes. The barcode recognition process has been improved by extending the mathematical algorithms used for barcode detection, and extending the process used to refine and verify candidate barcodes. Where possible, check digits will be used to verify recognition results. New to this release, candidate barcode regions of interest will be accessible to developers who may chose to apply image cleanup processing and then apply recognition again. Specific check sum values and number of digits are also returned for barcodes supporting check sums. Version 4 now reports confidence values for detected barcodes.

Introducing ScanFix Lite Image Cleanup

Superior image cleanup technology recently acquired from TMSSequoia is now bundled with SmartScan Xpress Barcode. ScanFixR Lite, a separate control, ships with the new version. Improved features include:
bulletLine Removal
bulletSmooth Zoom
bulletRectangle Crop

Enhanced .NET Interface
Pegasus Imaging is delivering an improved object oriented .NET interface that significantly enhances ease of use for .NET developers. Using Version 4, C# developers will enjoy an object oriented approach not available in Version 3. Pegasus revised the underlying architecture to provide a common worker code base used by ActiveX and .NET APIs, ensuring consistency of function across the development platforms, while optimizing the interface for each environment.

Faster Barcode Detection
Developers will be able to provide optional configuration settings affecting the detection speed, including number of barcodes expected, barcode orientation, and potential location of barcodes. This flexibility in search parameters can improve the speed of barcode detection.

Improved Result Information
Several additional items of information will be made available to developers using the SDK. Results returned to the developer include a confidence indicator, measure of detected skew angle, and barcode type and location (or potential barcode location if a region of interest is detected but the barcode value cannot be confirmed).

Improved Error Reporting
Version 4 returns more informative errors and warnings to the developer.

Accurate Barcode Writing
Pegasus will continue to provide the same excellent accuracy in writing supported 1D barcode types.

Image Input, Image Output, and Image Handling

bulletProvided through the included ImagXpress Standard .NET component and ActiveX/COM control (Read the Full ImagXpress Standard v8 Product Description)
bulletFeatures include basic image conversion and image processing


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