ImagesASaP!T v2


Technical Notes

bulletDesigned to upload and manipulate images on MS IIS web servers using ASP
bulletUnique technology minimizes JPEG generational artifacts by performing many image editing operations directly on compressed JPEG data without decompressing and recompressing files
bulletOptimized images result in smaller file sizes and faster downloads
bulletLoads images from OLE variants or other ASP image objects
bulletWorks with GIF, EXIF, JPG, PNG, PIC, BMP, TIFF and other formats
bulletSupports writing to image files, or memory buffers
bulletBuilt-in upload functionality accepts single or multiple images and data such as binary and text fields to your server in memory
bulletCreate new or modify existing images
bulletRegion-of-interest JPEG compression to reduce file sizes and preserve quality
bulletBatch processing included for manipulating many images using a single Method
bulletCreate watermarks and banners using images and text
bulletCrop, scale and thumbnail images
bulletAdjust image brightness and contrast
bulletAuto color level adjustment to automatically set highlights and shadows
bulletManipulate images in memory, avoiding unnecessary disk I/O
bulletLosslessly rotate images in 90-degree increments
bulletCreate gradient fills
bulletExact crop and rotate functions for applications requiring exact dimensions are performed in decompressed pixel space
bulletResize function supports distorting the aspect ratio
bulletVerify the amount of data received
bulletComprehensive Help file included
bulletRed Eye Removal available as an add on
bulletFree full-featured trial version available for immediate download

Auto Color Level Adjustment Technology


                BEFORE                                               AFTER

Regional Compression Technology


       BEFORE (8.45 KB)                        AFTER (4.79 KB)

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