CapturePROT v3

The Image & Video Acquisition Toolkit


Technical Notes

bulletProgramming environments: Win32 visual development environments (excluding Windows 95 and NT version 4.0). Also requires DirectX 8.0 or greater.
bulletSample code is included for: VB.NET, C#, VB, Delphi, VC++
bulletDeploys within .NET as a managed control (see "Building Robust Imaging Components for the Microsoft .NET Platform" white paper )
bulletCan be used in any development environment that hosts ActiveX/COM controls
bulletFree full-featured trial version available for immediate download (comes bundled with a trial version of the powerful PICVideo Codec for Motion JPEG and Lossless JPEG compression/decompression)

Video Capture

bulletInterfaces with any Video For Windows or DirectShow/WDM video capture device, including USB and FireWire devices
bulletCapture images directly into an application instead of resorting to third-party applications and loading files from disk
bulletComplete control over image capture, compress and save options
bulletAcquire both still images and video streams under program control
bulletCapture and compress video with or without audio
bulletOutput compressed or uncompressed AVI, depending on video codecs the user has installed
bulletSave images to BMP and JPG for high-quality output images
bulletPassword protect images using PIC, a Pegasus Imaging Corporation format that allows greater compression and password capability. These files require Pegasus Imaging products to view and manipulate them.
bulletCapture to a video file or to programmatically named still images
bulletProgrammatically select the capture devices to use
bulletProgrammatically select flicker-free video, capture preview, and audio preview
bulletSave and retrieve current settings with a single call
bulletDialogs make available all modes and capabilities for a particular device, including screen preview of live video
bulletDirect access to filtergraph for advanced applications
bulletTrack video statistics such as number of frames captured and duration of a clip
bulletAutoSave can be set via an interval timer
bulletVideo and audio source selection
bulletText captioning for streams, including Unicode support and time/date macros
bulletWatermark images with text
bulletAuto-increment file naming of videos
bulletTV tuner support

Image Capture

bulletCapturePRO also includes the powerful TwainPRO component to interface with TWAIN devices
bulletAcquire images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras
bulletData source enumeration and selection
bulletEnable/disable data source user interface
bulletMultiple image acquisition
bulletRead and Write basic G3/G4 TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PackBits
bulletFTP upload capability
bulletSpecify image resolution, image scaling, units, and color depth
bulletNegotiate for all standard device features such as image dimensions, location and resolution
bulletNegotiate for optional device features such as: autofeeder enabling, brightness, contrast, image layout/frame, maximum image transfers, progress indicators, resolution, scaling, and units
bulletScan images faster and use less memory by transferring images from the data source in either Native or Buffered Memory transfer mode
bulletProvides support for advanced TWAIN capabilities like barcode or patchcode detection and compressed data transfer directly from the scanner
bulletReduce data transferred between the scanner and the PC by transferring images from high-end scanners using the scanner's built-in compression
bulletCatch illegal operations from errant TWAIN Data Sources before they crash the application. TwainPRO will return an error back to the application letting the application safely exit or continue.

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