ScanFixR Xpress v5

Bitonal Image Enhancement Toolkit


New Features of ScanFix Version 5

Pegasus Imaging proudly announces the release of ScanFix Version 5 for development of bitonal scanned image enhancement applications. New features include improved deskew functionality, improved hole punch removal, new technology for data entry comb removal, automatic binarization of grayscale images to create bitonal images, automatic correction of negative images, automatic border crop, blank page removal and blank rectangle detection. Confidence values have been added to facilitate exception processing for many clean up actions. ScanFix is also packaged with another powerful component, ImagXpress Professional v7, for image input, image output, image handling, viewing, compression, conversion, TWAIN scanning, annotation, printing, image processing, and more.

Technical Notes

  1. Programming environments: Win32 visual development environments
  2. Sample code is included for: VB.NET, Visual C#, Delphi .NET, VB, VC++
  3. Deploys within .NET as a managed control (see "Building Robust Imaging Components for the Microsoft .NET Platform" white paper)
  4. Can be used in any development environment that hosts ActiveX/COM controls
  5. Confidence values are available for many operations
  6. User configurable debug settings to control level of detail
  7. Free full-featured trial version available for immediate download

Image Input, Image Output, and Image Handling

  1. Provided through the included ImagXpress Professional .NET component and ActiveX/COM control (Read the Full ImagXpress Professional v8 Product Description)
  2. Features include image viewing, compression, conversion, TWAIN scanning, annotation, printing, image processing, and more


  1. Automatically straighten crooked images and report correction angle
  2. Deskew images in a fraction of a second
  3. Uses content of the images, not just the document
  4. User configurable High Quality vs. High Speed setting
    bulletHigh Quality sets a higher number of places to check around the image, ultimately providing the highest level of deskew accuracy, but the image processing speed is slower
    bulletHigh Speed sets a lower number of places to check around the image, ultimately providing the fastest image processing speed, but offers a slightly lower level of accuracy

Noise Removal

  1. Remove random specks or noise from images
  2. Configurable user specification of speck size, or use automatic settings
  3. Special Isolated Despeckle algorithm prevents removal of desired dots such as punctuation

Dot Shading Removal

  1. Automatically remove dot shading surrounding text for improved OCR accuracy
  2. Remove scanner noise caused by colored backgrounds (gray, blue, etc.)
  3. Reduce files sizes caused by additional pixels, without destroying text



    BEFORE (file size: 157k)AFTER (file size:16k)

Hole Punch & Blob Removal

  1. Remove hole punches and larger areas of black
  2. User configurable threshold settings
  3. Specify full page or a specific area of interest
  4. Reduce file sizes and storage requirements with cleaner pages
  5. Return count of objects found




Line Removal

  1. Automatically remove solid or broken lines (both horizontal and vertical) from scanned forms and documents
  2. Automatically repair text that intersects with lines (fill broken characters), essential for forms processing

Comb Removal (commonly used in ICR forms)

  1. Automatically remove data entry combs from forms
  2. Automatically repair text that intersects with lines (fill broken characters), essential for forms processing




Character Completion & Smoothing

  1. Repair, smooth and thicken incomplete characters
  2. Repair broken or incomplete characters to create complete characters
  3. Especially good on poor dot matrix text
    bulletSmoothes ragged edges on letters
    bulletThickens or thins letters as needed




Auto Inverse Text Correction

  1. Detect and automatically convert inverted text zones
  2. Change white-on-black text to normal black-on-white
  3. Recognize inverse zones in any shape, including circular
  4. Remove the fill color of text
  5. Reduce file sizes by eliminating unneacessary black pixels




Auto Negate

  1. Automated reporting of black on white (normal) or white on black (negative) images
  2. Automated correction (user configurable to simply report or to automatically correct)
  3. Creates black on white images, which are often required for many other ScanFix image processing actions

Auto Binarize

  1. Automatically convert grayscale and color images to black and white, and clean up noisy images
  2. Optimize binarization results using the user configurable options




Auto Border Crop

  1. Automatically convert black borders to white
  2. Reduce image file size (both physical dimensions and compressed file size)
  3. Automated border crop (user configurable to simply report or to automatically correct)
  4. Use on microfilm or small document images that have been overscanned



    BEFORE (file size: 100k)AFTER (file size: 15k)

Blank Page / Blank Rectangle Detection

  1. Identify and report blank pages, or blank areas of interest
  2. Configure settings to accommodate bleed-through or noisy images (i.e. ignore hole punches)
  3. Reduce file sizes and storage requirements by eliminating blank pages

Sub-Image Processing

  1. Separate out an area from the original document image prior to image processing
  2. Speeds up processing and outputs only the smaller area of interest

Reporting of Process Results

  1. Reports the location of lines, shaded regions and inverse text regions for forms recognition
  2. Useful in forms processing solutions for form identification and registration

Additional Image Processing

  1. Flip
  2. Mirror
  3. Rotate
  4. Smooth-Zoom
  5. Scale
  6. Set Resolution

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