SmartScan XpressT ICR/OCR/OMR v4

Character and Mark Recognition Toolkit

Technical Notes

bulletProgramming environments: Win32 visual development environments
bulletSample code is included for: VB.NET, C#, VB, Delphi, VC++, HTML
bulletDeploys within .NET as a managed control (see "Building Robust Imaging Components for the Microsoft .NET Platform" white paper )
bulletCan also be used in any development environment that hosts ActiveX/COM and VCL controls
bulletUse the included CAB file or create a custom one
bulletPerform operations on 1 bpp, black & white images
bulletThree processing speeds are available
bulletFree full-featured trial version available for immediate download

Form Recognition

bulletAdd and remove forms from a reference database
bulletMatches scanned forms against user defined templates for form identification
bulletNormalizes scanned data to the data positions defined by the template, adjusting for size variations, warping, shrinking, and stretching introduced through scanning and copying documents
bulletAutomatically applies a scaling factor to rationalize scanned forms to the template images, including automatic rotation from 90, 180, and 270 degrees
bulletProgrammatic control over form drop out, stroke restoration
bulletForm drop out improves recognition by eliminating unnecessary lines/combs/distractions

Form Registration

bulletMatches scanned forms against user defined templates to automatically position scanned forms correctly
bulletIncludes correction and/or recovery from warping, shrinking, and stretching inherent in faxing and copying forms
bulletSupports right angles in corners as registration marks

Form Clean Up

bulletApply preprocessing actions to the entire form or to specified regions of interest as programmatically defined
bulletOver 27 preprocessing actions for image clean up are provided, including deskew, border removal, line removal, despeckle, mirror, flip, zoom, smooth, negate and many more
bulletProgrammatically defined form clean up results in improved recognition, and more accurate translation of images into character or OMR representations

Forms Editor

bulletApplication designed to quickly and easily generate form processing instructions
bulletRubber band areas of interest, specify types of recognition, invoke preprocessing instructions, return image, and return recognition results
bulletWritten in C# for the Microsoft Framework 1.1 platform, shipped as sample code, so source code is provided
bulletSupports specification of translation values for OMR bubbles by position, including rows and columns within the region of interest, and provides translation values depending on the position of the filled in bubble or bubbles
bulletSaves form template files, making it easy to test and revise processing instructions
bulletIncludes a built in test utility to verify correctness of processing instructions
bulletIncludes a built in dump utility to make processing instructions easily accessible for programmer review

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

bulletRecognize machine-printed uppercase/lowercase alphabetic, numeric, accented characters, many currency symbols, digits, arithmetic symbols, expanded punctuation characters, and more
bulletSupports English (both American and European), German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
bulletRecognizes MICR fonts, commonly used on checks in the banking and financial industries
bulletRecognition results and confidence indicators are provided to the developer

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

bulletRecognize hand-printed uppercase/lowercase alphabetic, and numeric
bulletSupports English, German, French, Portuguese
bulletRead hand-printed digits at over 300 characters/sec. (measured on an Intel Pentium II 300 MHz)
bulletRecognition results and confidence indicators are provided to the developer

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

bulletIdentify filled in bubbles, returning user specified translation values and confidence indicators to the application
bulletSupports programmatic specification for bubble shape
bulletSupports OMR recognition at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degree orientation
bulletFields may be specified as grids (rows by columns) or single bubbles
bulletSupports single and multi mark recognition
bulletRecognize check-marked check boxes
bulletExcellent accuracy

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