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Pegasus Imaging produceert een reeks software componenten voor het Windows platform, zowel voor het programmeren in COM (ActiveX) alsook voor het .NET framework. Zoals bij alle producenten van grafische libraries en componenten is het ook hier van groot belang om zich van te voren goed op de hoogte te stellen met de licentievoorwaarden die de producent stelt.

Voor details over de licensing zie:


ImageXpress met alle varianten ("editions")       

The Comprehensive Imaging Toolkit
ImagXpress is Pegasus Imaging's comprehensive image processing toolkit designed for document imaging, forms processing, photo and color imaging application development. Delivered as .NET and COM controls for integration within visual development environments, this imaging toolkit delivers the fastest processing speeds available.

ImagXpress offers extensive features such as image viewing, thumbnail image support, editing, clean up, annotation, file format conversion, compression, crop, rotate, multiple image scaling algorithms, scrollbar, auto size, TWAIN scanning, and printing capabilities.

SmartScan XpressT ICR/OCR/OMR v4          


Create powerful zonal forms processing software recognizing OCR (machine print characters), ICR (hand print characters), OMR (optical marks), and MICR. This .NET control, COM component, or VCL includes powerful form recognition and form drop out technology, extensive image clean up options, and field based processing. Configurable speed settings are available to suit various application and budget requirements.

VERSION 4 OF SMARTSCAN XPRESS ICR/OCR/OMR HAS RECENTLY BEEN RELEASED! (See What's New in SmartScan Xpress ICR/OCR/OMR v4) The new version includes improved recognition, powerful new form recognition, new drop out technology, and enhanced image clean up options. Version 4 also includes a new, easy to use Forms Editor application designed to quickly and accurately generate form processing instructions.

ISISR XpressT v2                                              


ISIS Xpress is a powerful, complete, and low-cost alternative to Pixel Translation's PixTools/Scan. ISIS Xpress can be used as a .NET managed control or COM component. Designed for high-speed scanning of black/white, grayscale and color documents, it provides a simple method of accessing high-performance scanners.


ScanFixR Xpress v5                             


ScanFixR Xpress is delivered as a .NET and ActiveX/COM software development toolkit, offering powerful bitonal document image enhancement technology. Create smaller file sizes and cleaner images, ultimately resulting in higher OCR rates. Clean up images using deskew, noise removal, dot shading removal, hole punch removal, line removal, text repair, auto inverse text correction, auto negate, auto binarization, auto border crop, blank page detection, image registration, and rotate. ScanFix includes ImagXpress Professional.

Please Note: Color and grayscale support currently found within Prizm IP is planned for a future release of ScanFix Xpress, to be called ScanFix Xpress Spectrum.

Version 5 of ScanFix Xpress has recently been released

SmartScan XpressT Barcode v4                
High-Speed Barcode Recognition Toolkit


Detect, read, and write virtually any barcode. This managed .NET control and COM component accurately reads common industry 1D and 2D barcodes and writes 1D barcodes. SmartScan Xpress Barcode includes ScanFix Lite, providing advanced preprocess functionality for image clean up and modification prior to analysis. Configurable speed settings are available to suit various application and budget requirements.

Version 4 of SmartScan Xpress Barcode has recently been released! See Features

The PDF Support Toolkit


Build applications supporting PDF file creation and viewing, using licensed AdobeR technology. PDFXpress is delivered as both a Microsoft .NET component and COM control. Read most PDF files that Adobe AcrobatR supports, create new PDF files, and add pages to existing files. PDFXpress empowers developers requiring PDF support within applications.

CapturePROT v3                                              
The Image & Video Acquisition Toolkit


CapturePRO interfaces with any Video For Windows or DirectShow/WDM video capture device, including USB and FireWire devices. CapturePRO contains managed .NET, COM and VCL components (CapturePRO and TwainPRO) that perform image and video acquisition from video capture devices.


ImagesASaP!T v2                                    
ASP Image Compression and Manipulation Object


The ImagesASaP! ASP object provides a high-level interface into advanced image manipulation and recompression technologies. Images can be acquired from web browsers and processed in memory or on the server's disk using the included upload capabilities.

JPEG optimization, regional compression, image rotation, cropping, resizing, hue, brightness and contrast adjustments, watermarking, and many image effects can all be performed server-side using Images AsaP!

Several sample ASP scripts are provided as both a tutorial for the use of and as examples of how to quickly upload images, edit, crop, remove red eyes, thumbnail, collage, create web pages, store, manipulate and display the best compressed JPEG images.


MedXpressT v2                                       
Rapid DICOM Development Toolkit


Medical imaging application developers can use MedXpress, a powerful and easy to use ActiveX/COM components toolkit, to rapidly build advanced network-enabled DICOM applications. Read and write DICOM medical files and access even more DICOM functionality with less programming code. MedXpress offers an object model based API and advanced imaging features.

MedXpress provides complete support for file, message, and item management (including support for private and nonstandard attributes), DICOMDIR, association negotiation (networking), message transfer, and validation. All DICOM services and commands are supported. Advanced options such as dynamic toolkit configuration, runtime service and syntax list creation, and DICOM grayscale transformation support are included. Developers can add image and video capture, viewing, compression, editing, printing, annotation, conversion and TWAIN scanning to applications by utilizing additional Pegasus Imaging components.

Virtually every medical profession that utilizes images within the healthcare industry uses DICOM. These include cardiology, dentistry, endoscopy, mammography, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pathology, pediatrics, radiation therapy, radiology, surgery, veterinary medicine, etc.


ScanFixR Application v4             
Bitonal Image Enhancement Application


The ScanFix Application provides powerful document image enhancement technology to create smaller file sizes and cleaner images, ultimately resulting in higher OCR rates. Clean up images using deskew, rotate, black or white border removal, noise removal, dot shading removal, line removal, and text repair. ScanFix supports a wide variety of popular bitonal image file formats including TIFF G3/G4, PCX, DCX, CALS, and more.

The ScanFix Application interface features tabs and slider bars to make it easy to apply customer preferences. Access to advanced options is provided for situations where detailed settings are required.

Please Note: Color and grayscale support currently found within Prizm Gray is planned for a future release of ScanFix Application, to be called ScanFix Spectrum.


PrizmR Viewer v7                                  
The Browser-Based Image Viewer


The Prizm Viewer provides powerful browser-based image display, annotation, manipulation, navigation, and printing of document images. View single and multi-page TIFF G3/G4, PDF, JPEG, BMP, PCX, DCX, CALS, JEDMICS image file formats and more, through Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers with exceptional image display speed and quality.

The customizable toolbar is filled with tools to annotate, hyperlink, add notes, zoom, spot magnify, and rotate. Centralized control over the Prizm Viewer configuration allows enterprises to use the same viewer to serve multiple departments or user groups with appropriate tools.

Windows XP2 Update - MicrosoftR WindowsR XP SP2 is supported in the current version, minimizing the impact to end users by pre-configuring HTML and executables used by the Prizm Viewer as approved.

See What's New in Prizm Viewer v7.


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