AnCAD, Inc.

Established in Taiwan in 1999, AnCAD has been devoted to the field of scientific computation. With an initial emphasis on developing software related to scientific computing, matrix-based operation, visualization library, mesh generator, translator, and gateway are all among AnCAD's innovative aspirations.

As these software in the scientific computing industry emulate with the rapid evolution of technology, they can be properly applied to the most advanced engineering and scientific researches, such as high frequency interconnect analysis, molecular simulation, IC design simulation, electromagnetic analysis and simulation, molding analysis, heat transfer, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

With anticipation and determination, AnCAD aims to cultivate the best scientific development tool set and further foster a parallel computing, cross-platform programming environment. In addition, AnCAD, to serve users, develops elaborative applications for the fields of bioinformatics, Micro-Electro Mechanical System, financial engineering, etc. In the perceivable future, AnCAD is at the expectation of becoming the leading corporation in the worldwide integrated scientific computing domain.


You can find a suitable trial version of the library at

􀂙 DEFINITION: Code and Animate, Simultaneously.

MATFOR is a set of numerical and visualization libraries developed to accurately perform computation and dynamically visualize data. Remarkable in precision, efficiency, and speed, not only do MATFOR functions optimize programming in C++ and Fortran environments; they make data analysis and simulation complete through visualization. Especially designed for scientists and engineers, MATFOR may be applied to various fields, including wave propagation, fluid dynamics, and solid mechanics.



By integrating the entire MATFOR toolkit into high-level programming environments such as C++ and Fortran, mfArray simplifies the syntax and facilitates object-oriented programming.

Numerical Library

This library contains useful linear algebraic functions subject to assist users with computational problem solving.

  Data Viewer

Organized in spreadsheet format, the viewer is one convenient platform for data management, filter, and analysis.

Visualization Library

A collection of well-designed graphical procedures and controls, the library supports a variety of 2D and 3D visual functions.

Graphics Viewer

Besides its highly customized user interface, graphics viewer overthrows the convention of post-processing as it instantly visualizes scientific and engineering data.


mfPlayer captures picture frames, animates simulation results, and allows additional graphical manipulations.

Graphics Export

Enabling the conversion of visualization files into standalone executables, the graphics export feature enhances the publishing and presentation of the results with compatibility and accessibility.


  Fluid Dynamics

Simulation of High Pressure Reflection
Data courtesy of Dr. Lin and Dr. Huang, Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Taiwan

  Molecular Dynamics

Simulation of Ion Perturbation
Data courtesy of Professor Yu-Chang Sheng, Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University

  Electromagnetic Analysis

Simulation of electromagnetic wave scattering on Perfectly Matched Layer
Data courtesy of Chun-Hao Teng, AnCAD, Inc.

  Heat Transfer & Geology Analysis

Evolution analysis of ancient ground temperature in expanding basin
Data courtesy of Professor Wei-Hau Wang/Hsun Hsien, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

  Solid Mechanics

Earthquake response for a 3D frame structure analysis
Data courtesy of Yuan-Sen Yang, National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, Taiwan

  Near-Field Optics

Simulation of waveguide transmission in photonic band gap system
Data courtesy of Pei-Kun Wei, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

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